Play Kitchen Sink Giveaway

Amber Marker

Posted on November 06 2017

Play Kitchen Sink Giveaway
I was lucky enough to snag an extra of these amazing play kitchens and wanted to share the love with a fellow mama! Enter below and do all of them for more entries! ONE mama will win this sink just in time for the holidays! SCORE!
**CONGRATS TO SHANNON JEFFERSON!! You are my winner, chosen via Gleam! Hope your little ones loves their sink!

Play Kitchen Sink Giveaway

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  • Abby Zander: November 07, 2017

    Love this sink! I think it’s either going to be really awesome and my 2 year old is going to love it or make a giant mess with it! haha!

  • Shai Steeg: November 07, 2017

    Thank you for this amazing opportunity. I have been looking for this kitchen everywhere. Only people selling it near me are charging nearly $80 for it ):

  • Heather Tyman: November 06, 2017

    You are amazing!

  • Brenna : November 06, 2017

    This is so nice of you to give away to a babe! I saw the sink on Fb one day and a couple days later you posted it and thought it was so awesome!!

  • Felicia Dianne: November 06, 2017

    You are AWESOME mama! Great giveaway! We have been looking for this toy ever since you posted about it in the VIP group. You are going to make a mama + her little extra happy this holiday season! ?

  • Morgan Clark: November 06, 2017

    So excited! Amazing giveaway! Loooooove it!!!!

  • Jacqui: November 06, 2017

    Thanks Amber for the awesome giveaway! As always, you rock!!

  • Katie Palmer: November 06, 2017

    I LOVE D+C! And i’ve been hoping to buy one of these for my little toddler. Fingers crossed!

  • Cassandra McReynolds: November 06, 2017

    Oh, man! Fingers crossed! My little man with special needs would benefit so much!

  • Adrienne: November 06, 2017

    My toddler would love this since we had a newborn and attention gets limited!!

  • Samantha Fox: November 06, 2017

    My toddler Grace would love this!!

  • Ariella Sell: November 06, 2017

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway! I’ve been looking for this toy everywhere! You’re the best! Fingers crossed?

  • McCall Bateman : November 06, 2017

    Dying for one of these! My girls would die for one!

  • Paisley Armstrong : November 06, 2017

    What a cool contest!

  • Kelsey Hendricks : November 06, 2017

    Thanks for considering us Amber! I’ve been looking for this thing everywhere for my son for Christmas!

  • Kelly Arthur : November 06, 2017

    I’ve been searching everywhere for this for my sons birthday Thursday!!!!! (11/9/15)

  • Ashley Berzaitis: November 06, 2017

    Love love LOVEEEE D&C! I love all the attention I get from my moms shirts! And my son Kashton loves posing in his gear! Xoxo

  • Miranda jack: November 06, 2017

    We would love to win a play sink?

  • Jessica Williams : November 06, 2017

    Looooooove d+c. By far one of my favourite brands ❤️

  • Shara Lawson: November 06, 2017

    Love this brand and every product I have gotten so far! ❤

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