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  • Mama Rainbow Leopard 20 OZ Tumbler *Final Sale

Mama Rainbow Leopard 20 OZ Tumbler *Final Sale

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Matte White/Rainbow Mama Leopard
This travel tumbler is perfect for those early morning drop-offs. Features a lid to keep your caffeinated beverage hot or cool. Holds 20 oz and has a lid that you can sip from or use the reusable straw. Not dishwasher or microwave safe. Hand-wash and do not submerge/soak in water.
Hand-wash ONLY👍🏽
Use a mild soap and use your 🤚🏽 to clean the outside part of the tumbler. Anything abrasive will make the design etch off.
Not dishwasher safe🚫
Do not soak it in water or use super hot water.
I suggest NOT setting it in the sink for washing. Why? Because often times we rinse things with water and put them in the other side of the sink. When this happens water can drip onto the design area and set there for extended periods of time causing it to cause damage to the design print. Essentially, similar to soaking it.
If your water is super hard, it can also cause damage to the print, so keep that it mind.
We are not responsible for the print coming off due to mis-use. 

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